Pebbleclan by vixx09-d4j1fqf
Pebbleclan by vixx09-d4j1fqf



You are hungry, lost, hopeless. Your in a cold mountain top. No living things to be seen. You are beat up and very skinny. All of the sudden you see 3 cats racing towards you. A grey tom with blue eyes holding herbs, a grey she-cat with a white underbelly wearing a pink flower holding wet moss, and last of all a white she-cat with a silky white pelt with grey leopard looking spots. Right as they come to you, you black out. You wake up with many cats around you. The same three cats come towards you this time nothing in their mouths. The white one speaks. " Welcome she/tom cat, " she meows loudly , " we found you on our territory and saved you from near death! You are a lucky one. " you fell gratitude to the cats around you. Now it's your turn to speak. " I'll.... " So will you or will you not join? .

cats in clanEdit


Leopardstar ( A silky white shecat with grey leopard looking spots ) 
User: fungirl84374


Moonfur ( a grey shecat with a white underbelly wears a pink flower on her head )
User: elephantlover21

Medicine cat

Jayfeather ( A grey tom cat with blue eyes )
User: egale32464

Medic cat apprentice

Shadowpaw ( a pure black shecat )
User: lilberty606


Moonfur ( the deputy )

User: elephantlover21

Thunderpelt ( a grey almost blue looking shecat. Also Co-deputy )

User: duder925

Rainpetal ( a tanish looking shecat with green eyes and darker brown spots senior warrior )

User: Bunny41230

Fadepelt ( a very light tanish color with a black underbelly and white swirly looking strips on her )

User: Xxrainboomxx9009

Featherheart ( a grey warrior with pretty blue eyes very trustful )

User: Tallshadowleader


Cleverpaw ( a grey shecat with a white underbelly and blue eyes she is known for her angry and cleverness and is strong )

User: mega64234

Queens none

kits none

Elders none

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